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Wood Handle Rip Saws

Wood Handle Rip Saws

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These are three early wood handled saws probably made between 1940’s and 1960’s

These pieces look awesome hung in the home or your workshop with a nice worn patina from years of use. Wood worm in the handles adds to this look but has been treated to avoid any spread.

Early European saws were made from a heated sheet of iron or steel, produced by flattening by several men simultaneously hammering on an anvil. After cooling, the teeth were punched out one at a time with a die. This gave way to mechanisation in the 19th century but there are still a few artisan craftspeople making saws the old fashioned way!


Good Condition - Some surface rust and lots of signs of age.

Items are vintage and as such will show wear and tear commensurate with age. Please study the pictures carefully as these form part of the description.


Steel, Wood


66-72cm long.

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