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'Deklalite' Friction Torch

'Deklalite' Friction Torch

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A rare original WWII Second World War 'Deklalite' handheld friction-powered pocket torch.

Made in Switzerland, this aluminium hand torch features a cranking arm which illuminates the bulb by squeezing or pumping in the hand. Its intended use would have been in situations where low level light was needed. 

It is quite dim and isn't intended to have a full beam or light an area significantly but still works!

There is a small crack in the pumping handle but this does not appear to be getting any worse and doesn't effect the operation of the light.



Items are vintage and as such will show wear and tear commensurate with age. Please study the pictures carefully as these form part of the description.




L 12.5 cm x H 7 cm

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