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Vintage Speed Spanner Wrench

Vintage Speed Spanner Wrench

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Forged Steel Adjustable Wrenches, available as 'Fast Fit' brand No.s 11 & 12 or 'Universal' brand' No. 2. Please select your preferred option from the variants. 

Fast Fit 11 - 24x5.5x2 cm
Fast Fit 12- 19x5x2 cm
Universal 2- 4.5x17x2 cm

Open-ended wrench with a moveable jaw, these function the same as any regular spanner - to grip fasteners such as nuts and bolts. However, only adjustable spanners can grip fasteners of all sizes, thanks to their moveable jaw. The user can adjust the opening width on an adjustable spanner to suit any fastener size.

Extremely handy for eliminating the need for multiple sized tools. This one tool will fit most sizes of fastener, quickly replacing all other spanners in your kit. No need to carry around a full, heavy set of spanners in your tool bag and no more rummaging around your bag looking for the correct size!

All in good vintage condition.


Good. General Aging.

Items are vintage and as such will show wear and tear commensurate with age. Please study the pictures carefully as these form part of the description.




Fast Fit 11 - L:24cm
H: 2cm Fast Fit 12 - L:19cm
H: 2cm Universal 2 - L:17cm
H: 2cm

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